Unstake $BNRY

A step-by-step guide on how to Unstake $BNRY tokens using our $BNRY website.

Step 1: Connect to your Wallet

Connect to your existing account with your favorite wallet provider (Metamask for example)

You need to connect to your wallet that has staked $BNRY. Once your wallet is connected, your stakes will be fetched on the $BNRY website.

Enter the number of $BNRY to be Unstaked and click Unstake,

Now click Complete Unstaking to confirm the disclaimer about the impact on your rewards and multiplier.

Step 2: Confirm transaction fee

Once you confirm the amount of $BNRY to Unstake on the webpage, a confirmation request with fee details will be sent to your connected wallet

Upon confirmation of the wallet, the user will be redirected to the webpage with a success message.

Step 3: Check your stake

After completing the Unstaking process, you can check your staked $BNRY again on our website.

Watch this video tutorial

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