$BNRY points


$BNRY points serve as a cornerstone of the Binary Holdings economic model, offering users a way to be rewarded for their engagement and investment in the ecosystem. Points can be earned through a variety of activities, with the primary methods being holding $BNRY tokens and providing liquidity.

How to Earn $BNRY points?

1. Holding $BNRY Tokens:

  • Simply by holding $BNRY tokens in your wallet, you accumulate points over time. This incentivizes and rewards long-term holders and supporters of the Binary Holdings ecosystem.

  • Calculation: If a user holds x amount of $BNRY tokens, and the total supply of $BNRY is 10,000,000,000, then the user's points for that hour are calculated as

    x/total * 100,000

  • You can earn $BNRY points by staking $BNRY. Staking means locking up your $BNRY at our platform.

  • Calculation: If a user contributes x amount of $BNRY tokens, and the total $BNRY tokens in the pool is total, then the user's points for that hour are calculated as

    x/total * 10

3. Providing Liquidity:

  • Participate in liquidity mining by contributing to the BNRY/ETH pool on supported DEX platform like Uniswap or SushiSwap.

  • Calculation: If a user contributes x amount of liquidity, and the total liquidity in the pool is total, then the user's points for that hour are calculated as

    x/total * 100

Why should you hold or stake or do liquidity mining of $BNRY?

  • Rewards- By staking $BNRY Tokens, you are eligible airdrops by accumulating $BNRY points overtime.

  • Priority Access - You gain unparalleled access to our ecosystem's expanding features and reduced fees, reinforcing your journey with every transaction.

  • Loyalty - The longer you stake, the higher your ascent through our tiers of rewards, unlocking greater value and recognition for your loyalty.

Points Allocation

1. Time-Based Accrual:

  • Points accrue on an hourly basis, ensuring that your rewards are awarded smoothly over time.

  • Your ongoing participation is key; the longer you hold or provide liquidity, the more points you earn.

2. Activity-Based Incentives:

  • Additional activities and community engagements may also qualify for $BNRY points. Keep an eye on community announcements for time-limited events or special initiatives that offer bonus points.

Leaderboard and Multipliers

  • Your points contribute to your ranking on the Binary Holdings leaderboard, where active community members are recognized.

  • Top contributors can earn multipliers on their point earnings, boosting their ability to accrue points faster than standard rates.

  • The system includes a multiplier for the top contributors:

    • The top 100 participants receive a 2x points boost.

    • The next 101 to 1000 participants receive a 1.5x points boost.

Monitoring Your Points

  • You can monitor your points by heading to the leaderboard.

  • This transparency ensures that you are always aware of your contributions and can strategize how to maximize your point earnings.

Earning Additional Rewards:

The amount of passive yield earned depends on multipliers achieved through various user activities. These activities can include actively using the platform, promoting the network, and referring others. Additionally, the chosen staking duration compared to other users plays a role.

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