Deploy your smart contract


Before deploying, ensure you have Metamask or any other EVM wallet installed on your computer. Follow these steps to add the BNRY network to your wallet, fund it with TBNRY tokens, and deploy your smart contract on the BNRY network.

  1. Install Metamask (or any other EVM wallet).

Steps to Deploy Your Smart Contract

Open Remix: Go to Remix IDE.

  1. Create Your Smart Contract:

  1. Click on the "Deploy & Run Transactions" tab:

  1. Choose the Environment as "Injected Provider" with your corresponding wallet name (e.g., "Injected Provider - Metamask"):

  1. Metamask extension will pop up. Select your wallet for deploying the smart contract:

  1. Switch the network to Binary Testnet:

  1. Return to Remix and click on "Deploy":

  1. Confirm the deployment transaction in Metamask (or your chosen EVM wallet):

Verify Deployment:

  1. Check the progress of the deployment in your transaction activity within the wallet:

  1. Click on the block explorer link for more details:

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed your smart contract on the BNRY network.

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