Staking $BNRY

Staking Model

You can earn $BNRY points by staking $BNRY on our platform. Here you just need to lock up your $BNRY on our platform. The longer you stake, the more points you earn.

How are $BNRY points calculated in Staking Model?

  • Points Earning: Users earn points based on their proportion of the total $BNRY Tokens

  • Formula: If a user contributes x amount of $BNRY tokens, and the total $BNRY tokens in the pool is total, then the user's points for that hour are calculated as

x/ total * 10

  • Snapshots of user's balance is take hourly and points are allocated hourly on the basis of those snapshots.

How to Stake

1. Choose a Wallet

To stake your BNRY tokens, connect to your existing wallet or create a new one using the GET option provided by one of the following providers:

Make sure your wallet has BNRY tokens to perform the stake operation. Use Uniswap or MEXC Exchange to obtain more tokens.

2. Add Optimistic Network and BNRY Token (Metamask for example)

Connect to your Metamask wallet and click on Add Network

Choose OP Mainnet and click Approve

Next, switch to OP Mainnet and click on Import tokens

Token Address: 0xB5090D514BcacA7daFB7E52763658844121f346d

3. Stake BNRY

After successfully importing the BNRY token, go to the $BNRY website and click Stake Now to begin.

Upon clicking on stake now button, a pop-up will appear where you can enter the desired BNRY value to stake.

Once you have entered your value, click Approve Staking.

You will receive confirmation and a signer request on Metamask to approve the transaction. Please ensure that you have enough gas fee to perform the transaction.

After your transaction is approved on Metamask, you will receive a confirmation popup on the website to complete your stakes.

Then you will receive a confirmation request on Metamask to confirm the transaction

After confirming your transaction on Metamask, you will be redirected back to the website and your stake will be updated instantly on the webpage

Next Modules contain how to Stake and Unstake $BNRY

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