Holding $BNRY

TBH Holding Model

The TBH platform introduces a holding model designed to motivate participation from telecommunication operators, service providers, and users.

This is the simplest way of earning reward points in which you can earn points by just holding $BNRY points in your wallet.

How are $BNRY points calculated in Holding Model?

  • Points Earning: Users earn points based on their proportion of the total $BNRY Tokens

  • Formula: If a user contributes x amount of $BNRY tokens, and the total $BNRY tokens in the pool is total, then the user's points for that hour are calculated as

x/total * 10

  • Implementation: To implement this, a snapshot of users' balances would need to be taken hourly. Points would then be allocated based on the number of $BNRY tokens each user holds at the time of the snapshot.

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