Stake $BNRY

A step-by-step guide on how to stake your $BNRY tokens using our $BNRY website.

Step 1: Choose a Wallet

To stake your BNRY tokens, connect to your existing wallet or create a new one using the GET option provided by one of the following providers:

Make sure your wallet has BNRY tokens to perform the stake operation. Use Uniswap or MEXC Exchange to obtain more tokens.

Step 2: Add Optimistic Network

Connect to your wallet (Metamask for example) and click on Add Network

Choose OP Mainnet and click Approve

Step 3: Add BNRY Token

Token Address: 0xB5090D514BcacA7daFB7E52763658844121f346d

Switch to OP Mainnet and click on Import tokens to enter the token address

Step 4: Stake BNRY

Connect your Wallet, go to the $BNRY website and click Stake Now to begin.

Upon clicking on the “Stake now” button, a pop-up will appear where you can then enter the desired $BNRY value to stake. Once you have entered your value, click "Approve Staking".

Upon connecting your wallet, you will receive confirmation and a signer request on to approve the transaction. Please ensure that you have enough gas fee to perform the transaction.

After your transaction is approved on Wallet, you will receive a confirmation popup on the $BNRY website to complete staking.

You will then receive a confirmation request on your wallet to confirm the transaction.

After confirming your transaction on your Wallet, you will be redirected to $BNRY website where you will receive a success message and your stakes will be updated instantly on the webpage

Watch this video tutorial:

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