Referral Program

TBH's referral program enables you to earn points through referrals. When your referral stakes a minimum of 100 $BNRY, you will receive 10% of the staked amount in $BNRY points every hour.

For example: If your friend stakes 100 $BNRY, you will earn 10 $BNRY points per hour.

How do you get your referral code?

Step 1 - Visit and click on "Connect Wallet"

Step 2 - Click on your wallet address on the top right and click on "Profile" in the drop down box.

Step 3 - Click on the copy icon to copy your referral code.

Or, Click on the share icon under "Your Referral Link"

Step 4 - Click on your respective social media icon to share your referral link or click on the copy icon to copy the referral link.

Step 5 - Share your referral link to your respective social media and you are done!

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