How to provide Liquidity (Uniswap)

You can add liquidity by depositing both $BNRY and $ETH into the designated BNRY/ETH pool. You need to have both $BNRY as well as $ETH on the OPTIMISM network (important) to participate in liquidity pool. To know how to swap $ETH to $BNRY, Click here

A step by step tutorial to participate in LP is provided, video tutorial also present below:

Step 1 - Go to Uniswap

Step 2 - Click on "Connect" at the top right, and choose the wallet of your choice. For example : "Metamask" .

NOTE: Make sure to be on Optimism network

Step 3 : Choose 0.30% fee tier.

NOTE: This page shows current $BNRY price so might differ time to time.

Step 4 - Enter the amount of Eth you want to deposit

  • Confirming the transaction and paying the gas fee and VOILA! You have successfully participating in Eth/BNRY pool.

Watch the video tutorial here.

Earning Points: After you've provided liquidity, you'll start earning points based on the amount of liquidity you've contributed, as outlined in our points system. These points will accumulate hourly, reflecting your ongoing contribution to the ecosystem's liquidity.

Monitoring and Managing Your Investment: Uniswap offers tools to monitor your liquidity provision's performance, including your share of the pool, earned fees, and accrued points for your participation in liquidity mining.

Step 5 - After providing liquidity you can collect your fee hourly.

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